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President’s Message

By Anna Lau, PhD, SCCAP President

We are starting to round the corner on 2022, and we continue to adjust to our new normal.  For me this meant missing out on our in-person APA Convention due to a close contact with COVID.  Although personally disappointed, I was grateful to hear about the incredible SCCAP Program orchestrated by Dr. Miya Barnett.  For this final reflection, I wanted to revisit a discussion held among our esteemed SCCAP Presidential Panelists.

Our Recent Election Outcomes

Please join us in congratulating the newly elected 2023 SCCAP Board members. As a volunteer-run society, SCCAP could not operate without the support and involvement of its many members.  We are appreciative of our dedicated volunteers and encourage you to participate as well. READ MORE

    Diversity Committee Update

    The Diversity Committee is now planning the 2023 SCCAP Leadership Education to Advance Diversity (LEAD) Institute. Chaired by Dr. Erlanger Turner, the planning committee is focused on creating a transformative opportunity for graduate students and early career professionals. READ MORE


    Education & Standards Committee Update

    We have been hard at work this year on a variety of projects designed to benefit our members and our discipline. Two of our largest projects have involved collaborating with other organizations in the development of training standards for clinical child and adolescent psychology. READ MORE


    Journal Update: EPCAMH

    We continue to get great reports on the journal’s performance from Taylor & Francis. This summer’s report noted a 64% increase in article downloads compared to 2021 and a 9.5/10 overall satisfaction rating from authors, which exceeds our comparator group and is higher than our 2021 rating. READ MORE

    SCCAP Student Development Committee

    The SDC is responsible for initiatives geared toward supporting student development for individuals at all stages in their career trajectories. Discover current SDC projects to help you take advantage of everything we offer and let us know what you would like to see more of! READ MORE

    Consider Becoming an SCCAP Fellow!

    The SCCAP Fellows Committee invites nominations for Fellow Status in our upcoming 2023 cycle. Self-nominations are welcome. Becoming an SCCAP Fellow recognizes outstanding contributions to Psychology and SCCAP and is an honor valued by many members! READ MORE

    In Focus

    A Brief Overview of Anti-Racism Among Youth

    By Fatima Varner, PhD; Lorraine Scott, MA; Gloria Stout, BA; & Sophia J. Lamb, BS

    Anti-racism includes attitudes and actions that “seek to confront, eradicate, and/or ameliorate racism” (Bonnett, 2005, p. 3) and requires awareness of systems of racism, oppression, and privilege (Cooper et al., 2022; Roberts and Rizzo, 2021). Anti-racist actions can be interpersonal in one’s immediate environments, communal in working with others in communities and schools, and through political processes such as protesting (Aldana et al., 2019; Bañales et al., 2021a; O’Brien, 2018). The psychological literature on anti-racism is scant relative to the body of research focused on prejudice reduction and the negative influences of racism on psychological well-being and mental health (Benner et al., 2018; Paradies et al., 2015; Roberts & Rizzo, 2021). In this brief introduction we will cover antiracism research a) among racially and ethnically minoritized youth, b) among White youth, and c) in interventions.

    Expert Recommendations:


    Five Helpful Resources From Jonathan Dalton, PhD

    Jonathan Dalton, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and expert in the assessment and treatment of school-based anxiety and school refusal. He directs the Center for Anxiety and Behavioral Change, where he oversees specialized clinical services for school refusal. Dr. Dalton is also highly active in presenting to and consulting with schools, mental health professionals and community agencies on the topics of anxiety and school refusal. He regularly presents on these topics at conferences organized by the Anxiety and Depression Association of American (ADAA) and the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT).

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    SCCAP enhances the science and practice of clinical child and adolescent psychology by supporting its membership, and the field’s workforce, in the domains of (a) research; (b) evidence-based practice; (c) training and career development; (d) diversity, equity, and inclusion; and (e) dissemination.

    The Vision of SCCAP is to improve the mental health and resilient development of children, adolescents, and families with a full commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.


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